Bitumen and Asphalt Surfacing

For Carparks, Driveways, Sporting Courts & Roads and Transport Infrastructure

Trusted Provider of High-quality, Cost-Effective Asphalt and Bitumen Road Sealing services to Residential, Commercial, Industrial & Government clients across Australia’s east coast

High-quality, Affordable, & Effective Bitumen & Asphalt Surfacing Solutions

Road Seal Australia offer affordable and effective asphalt and bitumen road sealing and surfacing solutions of superior-quality, guaranteed to improve the quality and usability of a diverse range of pavement requirements while providing excellent return on investment.

With our solid track record of a customer-focused attitude, unrivalled workmanship, and dedication to meeting the highest construction standards, we have enjoyed continued success and growth. We firmly believe that our continued success is attributable to our professional service, strong customer focus and commitment to providing highly technical and innovative solutions for delivering strong and long-lasting:

Whether you are sealing roads, constructing a new driveway or re-surfacing a carpark, Road Seal Australia are your trusted, reliable provider of paved, asphalt and bitumen surfaces, specially-designed and purpose-built to meet a wide variety of needs.

Quality Standards for Bitumen and Asphalt

Our business is built on a foundation of highly-skilled, experienced and appropriately-licensed road construction, road sealing and road maintenance, and pavement re-surfacing specialists who are confident, proud, and committed to their work.

At Road Seal Australia, we confidently provide generous warranties on all our work. We use only the highest-quality materials that meet the strict requirements of relevant standards, including:

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We stand by the un-rivalled quality of our workmanship, with all work being undertaken in accordance with guidelines, best practice, and technical and QA specifications, such as:

Bitumen Surfacing Services

Paving the way for the design and construction of the smoother, safer roads of the future

Road Seal Australia are the experts in road construction and surfacing solutions – from asphalt or bitumen road seal and road repairs, to 2 coat seal or asphalt driveway and carpark surfaces, as well as kerbs and gutters, pothole repairs, and more. For durable, low-maintenance pavement, driveway, and road surfaces, talk to the specialists at Road Seal Australia today on 1800 902 202. Alternatively, you can email us at or send us a message using our online Contact Form.