Do I Need a New Driveway?

Do I Need a New Driveway

Let’s talk about your driveway and whether or not it is time to replace or repair it

Both natural phenomena and human elements can cause driveway damage and, no matter how excellently constructed and maintained some driveways are, they can still succumb to wear and tear.

Sometimes, the issues are easily spotted and repairable. However, in other cases, a new driveway replacement is necessary in order to address the problem fully. The team here at Road Seal Australia have compiled the following list of important signs of driveway damage and when it’s imperative to do a complete driveway replacement.

7 Signs that it’s time to consider a complete driveway replacement

7 Signs that it’s time to consider a complete driveway replacement

If it’s just a tiny crack here or a little pothole there, then it’s nothing to worry about. The use of concrete, fillers, or sealers would probably prevent the damage from worsening.

Eventually, though, the damage may become too frequent or problematic that regular repairs get too costly and won’t work well. Often, the repairs are just band-aid solutions that become useless after some time with the problems bouncing back with a vengeance.

When this happens, then it’s time to get a new driveway. Here are seven signs that may indicate a need for a driveway replacement (click on each bullet point to find out more):

  1. Weathering
  2. Drainage problems
  3. Visible damage
  4. Uneven surface
  5. Damaged perimeter
  6. Failing seals
  7. Age.

1. Weathering

Weathering is a normal process that all structures, including those made of concrete, go through. This involves the effects of pollution, sunlight, rain, and other natural phenomena on the driveway.

Surface discolouration is the most common effect of weathering on a driveway. This is mostly a harmless effect but may lead to other problems, such as a weakening of the material after years of exposure to harsh sunlight. Not all weathering is bad, and it doesn’t immediately mean that the driveway needs replacement. However, it would not hurt to be prepared for the possibility and choosing a reliable surfacing company such as Road Seal Australia is the most important step towards the perfect driveway

2. Drainage problems

It’s also normal for some points of the driveway to collect water, especially after heavy rain. What’s worrisome is when this water refuses to go down even after an extended period.

Many factors cause water to pool, and drainage problems are a common culprit. In these cases, water can eventually seep under the surface and weaken the foundation of the driveway. This, of course, further cascades into other problems, like damage to concrete or asphalt.

3. Visible damage

Cracks and potholes can form over time because of weathering or the application of force to the surface. Therefore, these signs of driveway damage aren’t too bothersome in small amounts. In larger quantities, however, cracks and potholes aren’t just an annoyance, they can cause further problems to vehicles and the driveway itself.

Driving regularly on potholes can damage tyres and sometimes the vehicle itself as well as the driveway, causing more cracks and potholes to form. Cracks can also let water seep through, weakening the driveway’s foundation, dealing even more damage. The more damage that accumulates, the more likely it is the driveway will need to be replaced by a professional team, such as Road Seal Australia, who are trained in laying asphalt and bitumen driveways.

4. Uneven surface

Flat or sloped, driveways should have an even surface to avoid problems like cracking or pooling. Over time, uneven surfaces and their sub-layers will experience warping due to heat, water damage and existing surface damage.

Not addressing warped surfaces will lead to parts of the driveway becoming uneven. Coupled with other problems like drainage issues or severe cracks, you can expect some portions of the driveway to sink.

Special materials can be injected or installed underneath the driveway to pop the surface back up, but this is only an option for minor driveway damage. If there are too many cracks, warped surfaces, and pooling spots, then it’s time to replace the driveway.

5. Damaged perimeter

The perimeter of your driveway will eventually be eroded. This becomes apparent when the once-smooth edges become brittle and slowly wear away over time.

If left untreated, your damaged perimeter will slowly eat into the driveway itself, so it’s important to do preventative measures and repair any damage when the erosion becomes apparent.

Releasing the perimeter or applying a fresh coat of asphalt or concrete will help, but may not fully solve the issue. If the material is weak enough, then erosion will continue. In this case, then driveway replacement from Road Seal Australia is needed.

6. Failing seals

Seals aren’t just used to treat damaged surfaces. Even brand-new driveways use sealers to protect the perimeter and surface of the material. Eventually, these seals will wear off and fail. It’s easy to just reapply the seal, but in some cases, damage can prevent the sealers from binding properly.

If this is the case, try to apply either concrete or asphalt and apply the sealers afterwards. If these still don’t fix the problem, they have a new driveway built to prevent the cascade of newer issues.

7. Age

Asphalt driveways can last a decade or two in good conditions, less in excessively scorching weather. Concrete driveways, on the other hand, can last multiple decades. Regardless of the material used to construct the driveway, time will eventually take its toll on the surface and foundation underneath.

An old driveway will have issues popping up, even if it is well taken care of, and maintaining a driveway like this is quite costly, especially if the expenses build up over time. Carefully consider what to do with an old driveway. If it has frequent recurring problems that don’t seem to get better, then it’s time to get a complete driveway replacement.

Is your driveway’s damage becoming an issue Call Road Seal Australia

Is your driveway’s damage becoming an issue? Call Road Seal Australia

In many cases, it’s easy to fix driveway damage. However, more severe problems will require complete driveway replacement. Regardless of what issues you’re facing, it’s always best to consult a professional.

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