Do Road Seals Require Council Approval?

Do Road Seals Require Council Approval?

Throughout Australia, there are over 870,000 kilometres of roads connecting people across multiple states and territories. Of this massive number, approximately 73% is controlled and managed by local government organisations as publicly driven roads. It’s no wonder that the Australian government places such a high reliance on road transportation and infrastructure, especially as it’s worth over $100 billion to the national economy, and the main way to protect the roads is by sealing them.

What is road sealing?

Road sealing involves permanently sealing the surface of a formed road with a surface treatment. This surface treatment could include tar, bitumen, concrete, resin or asphalt. The surface treatment used will depend on numerous factors including the density of use, the type of vehicles using the road, the weather conditions it is exposed to, and the resources available for use.

Are all Australian roads sealed?

Are all Australian roads sealed?

With the Australian population spread across vast distances, proper management of the road network is crucial to maintaining communities and connections. Of all roads throughout Australia, only 40% are sealed, those being majorly in the metro coastline areas where the majority of the population is focused.

Who is responsible for road sealing?

In metro areas, local government and council are responsible for maintaining roads to ensure that they are safe and comfortable to drive on. Every local council is different and has a different road infrastructure plan in place for managing the roads in their region. Local councils are also responsible for approving private road seal projects throughout their region.

Who carries out road sealing projects?

Who carries out road sealing projects?

Road sealing, including in the public sector, is normally completed by a privately managed road sealing company such as Road Seal Australia – local governments themselves don’t have the necessary machinery on hand, but most privately owned and managed companies do. This is especially true in large motorway or main highway projects where governments and private companies work hand in hand to build and surface roads.

Do road sealing projects need to be approved by councils?

In short, yes. All road sealing projects conducted in the public sector need to have approval from the relevant managing council authority. This includes sealing driveways, entries to properties, carparks as well as publicly driven roads.

As with most projects involving alterations or additions, there are exceptions based on size, value or nature of the project. When in doubt, its best to contact your local council and they can inform you of the process for your specific circumstances.

How do I apply for a permit to conduct a private road seal project?

Permits to construct or respray a private premise driveway or addition can be accessed through the relevant council website. The exact process will vary depending on the council but generally, applications can be submitted and processed online. Your road seal company may also be able to apply for the permit on your behalf as part of their services.

Private road sealing vs. public road sealing

Simply put, private road seals are carried out on any surface that isn’t public land, including your own driveway or a privately owned road through private property. Public road sealing on the other hand, is sealing on any road that can be public accessed and driven on by members of the public.

If you have concerns about the condition of a public road, you can voice your concerns to your local government member who will bring the concerns forward with the council to be addressed.

How do councils allocate funding for public road infrastructure projects?

How do councils allocate funding for public road infrastructure projects?

For most councils, maintaining the public roads within their council areas is part of their asset preservation program. While it is the individual council’s responsibility to organise and manage the roads, funding for updates can come from many different sources. Individual councils can receive funding grants from higher government authorities such as state and federal governments, sponsorship from private organisations or their own funding streams.

Choose the right sealing company for your project

When making the decision to undertake a road seal project on your premises, it’s important to choose a quality company to conduct the work. Look into reliable, reputable companies and make note of their qualifications in the field. If they specialise in residential and private sealing, look for honest reviews about their previously conduct projects and ensure the quality of their work aligns with your outcomes.

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